And that’s how it is at award winning Lanphier Day Spa & Salon. Not only still singing, but in a state of full crescendo with the recent opening of Lanphier Home.

Interior designer, Airida Turner has teamed up with Lanphier’s owner and Creative Director, Jurga Rimkute. This sophisticated, Lithuanian-born pair found creative resonance through the years and now explicitly expand their vision for “making the world a more beautiful place”.

When entering Lanphier, you will still be welcomed by the grand and emblematic mirror, a perfect way to greet yourself when stepping into an environment that exists to make you feel even better about who you are. And now, to the left you will find Lanphier Home, an elegant space designed by the salon’s new dynamic duo.

It is a perfect expression of Lanphier’s expanding mission to become a lifestyle brand. “The way I feel about my surroundings,” said owner Jurga Rimkute, “has everything to do with the decisions I make in life”.

And that’s the power behind the vision of Lanphier Home. Together with artistic force and mutual admiration, Jurga and Airida are speaking to the importance of the spaces we keep, both within ourselves, toward others and the rooms and homes we create and inhabit. According to Airida, “The joy of creating beautiful spaces with a harmonious feeling is our chance to convey character and style, to tell a bit of the story of who we are.”

The unveiling of Lanphier Home is perfectly timed with Lanphier’s 30th anniversary celebration and the salon’s expansion of unique and expert services.  Under one roof, clients can now enjoy the personal indulgences of beauty and well being while envisioning new ways of creating extraordinary spaces for life and work.  Lanphier Home offers curated consultations for home design as well as business and commercial spaces. “It’s one thing,” said Rimkute, “to create a functional space that’s beautiful. It’s another thing altogether to make it sing”.

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