LANPHIER strives for excellence in everything that we do. We take great pride in our work and offer exceptional service to each of our guests. Our services are provided a-la-carte and the price range listed below reflects Entry Level to Creative Director. Pricing also may vary based on the thickness and length of your hair, amount of product used and/or the time needed to complete the service.

Hair color trends are constantly moving. One week we might be talking about rose gold hair, and the next we’re taking it neon blue or paring locks back with natural-looking balayage. Despite the trends, any color you chose, at LANPHIER, the integrity of your hair is our priority! We use the best hair products in the industry!

We use Wella brand as our sole hair color line at LANPHIER. It’s trusted for its predictable rich and voluptuous color results and it is loved for its comprehensive portfolio of more than 160 shades that offer unlimited scope for colorists to direct the look of modern beauty for every guest.


Our hair colorists are at the top of their game! Whether you are looking just to add shine to your hair or to transform your color from roots to ends, or balayage your hair for natural beachy look – we got you covered! LANPHIER colorists are thriving on continuing education and always staying current with the latest hair color trends and techniques.


For any questions E-mail our Guest Service Expert.

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