Caudalie, the luxury skincare company from Bordeaux, France is pleased to announce its partnership with Lanphier Day Spa in Darien, Connecticut.

As the founder of Caudalie, Mathilde Thomas oversees the development of each treatment ritual to ensure a very high standard. Whether for radiance, anti-ageing, firmness, detox, or slimming – all treatments are effective, lasting, and immediately visible. 

“Let the expert Lanphier therapist pamper you with our exceptional treatments. Come discover the beautiful spa and retreat to Bordeaux for the day!” 

Jurga Rimkute, President and Creative Director of Lanphier, said: “Our latest addition to the already extensive offerings at Lanphier is Caudalie. We are excited to have Caudalie as our sole brand for Lanphier Spa”; She added “The reason we fell in love with the brand was due to its clean ingredients and their active support of our planet!” 

About Lanphier: Started in 1993, Lanphier (http://Lanphier.co) has grown into a household name, known as the leading luxury Spa & Salon catering to the discerning guests in the Gold Coast of Connecticut and New York. Over 50 employees now serve guests at the 11,000 square feet Spa & Salon, located next to Tilley Pond in the heart of Darien. Similar to Caudalie, Lanphier’s high standards ensures it continues to grow with new talent and service offerings. The goal of Lanphier is to create a feeling of a true, exceptional escape from the everyday… Escape to Indulge… Enjoy… Relax and recharge! 

About Caudalie: Caudalie (http://Caudalie.com) is a multi-channel French skincare company founded in 1993, specializing in anti-ageing, skincare, body care, fragrance & masks. Its ingredients are derived from the vineyard in Bordeaux, France. Caudalie’s products are rich in organic grape water, grape-seed oil, plant oils and other natural ingredients, like plant extracts, avocado and flaxseed.  Caudalie uses zero parabens, phenoxyethanol, animal-derived raw materials, or other harmful substances.

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